Midterm Project Self-critique

  1. How could you’ve been more successful in designing for your target audience and for the goals of the client?
    If I can make bootstrap website, it will be useful for more user who use android or pad. Also, I had a problem with my dropdown menu, so I need to fix it.
  2. What’s your greatest design challenge? (for example, is it color? or typography, or something else? ) What is your biggest technical challenge?
    This time, I wanted to change my design style. Therefore, I use a big background image, and I think that it was working.
    I always could not make dropdown menu correctly, but I could make it for this assignment besides z-index problem.
  3. If you had an opportunity to continue working on this design, what changes would you make? Be specific and talk about why you’d make the changes. If the changes are possible to make without “starting over,” make the changes and post to the class server in a new folder named “revised_midterm.”
    If I could continue my assignment, I want to change to responsible website. I tried bootstrap, but it was hard for me. So, if I could spend more time, I want to change to responsible website.
  4. What did you learn about your own design work from critiquing other students’ midterm projects?
    I’m glad that some people like my background image. However, I also learned I need to change my image size. Site visitor need to scroll to the bottom, so it is little bit confusing.

Web Design3 Assignment5

  1. What is a “site map?”
    A site map shows a visual representation of the site’s structure, organization, flow, and grouping of content and information. It communicates, it defines, and it structures. It is representation of the entire project, from a board vantage point to many of the most minute of details.
  2. What are the two types of naming conventions that are addressed in the book?
    Organizational/ numeric naming and HTML naming.

Web Design3 Assignment4

  1. What are the “three views” discussed in the book involving the content of the site.
    The three views are Site-View, Page-View and User-View.
  2. And what are the differences between the three views?
    The Site-View (sitemapping)  sets the overall structure and creates a “blueprint” of the site.
    The Page-View (wireframing) presents and organizes copy, navigation, and visuals in a way that is logical and meaningful to the end user.
    The User-View outlines paths and decision points from start to finish.
  3. What is a “content audit?”
    A content audit is, by definition, an evaluation of every piece of content in the outgoing site that is relevant to the redesign.

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